Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I know about: "Good Enough"

In my life it seems to be the season of work and career. I have been doing alot of speaking and training in my area of knowledge. I am in the middle of performance review season, and even , my friends have begun to step up and take on more responsibly in their careers or career aspirations, and have come to me for support and advice.

Today I spent some time ( 9 hrs) In a process improvement training seminar. I learned a great deal... and some of it went right over my head. But one thing stuck right in the middle of my forhead. The faclitator said somthing to the affect of "Why would you want to be good enough when you could be one the best"? This has kind of been my modus opperandi for some time now. Career wise I really try to do the best I can. I try and do my work like I am working for God directly. Like it does not matter what they say on my performace review... I am trying to work like my performance review is happening every day. I think of it this way. It was 2 years ago last week when my prayers were answered and I walked through the doors of my new job. I had been looking a job for weeks, I interviewed on every call and prayed daily that I would find the job that I needed to support my family. If I belive that God answered my pray and put me in position to recive that job then aren't I technically working for Him? He kinda hired me... right?

So I want to make Him proud and show my gratitude for making it possible. So every day I go into work and try my damndest to bring my A game. I cannot take for granted any bit of it. Especially in this economy it is not the time to... if you are fortunate enough to have a job and have the ablity to take care of you and your family...offer anything but your best to your blessing.

Additionally if your path is not the traditional 9-5 and you have been given gifts to produce a product or service. Don't you owe it to Him to do that. Not everyone has your gifting. To be unmotivated to follow your gifting is kinda wrong too.

All I know is Good enough is not good enough.